The Theme of this Blog

Having a blog is nerve-wracking, especially because I’d like to stay consistent with it.   I keep thinking, “What do I write about??”  I feel there are so many different directions I could go.  Maybe my blog should have a specific theme or topic, but what… my life as a freelancer?  my life in NYC?  my life as a single woman?  my thoughts on politics/gender equality/whatever current event is floating in the moment?  Obviously, I could go in many different directions.  What I keep circling back to is that it’s best to just write what I know… my life.  I was listening to a podcast recently of a very successful blogger who used her blog to launch a million dollar business in branding education.  She mentioned how much she loved blogging, but at one point deleted all her blog posts to focus down on her business.  I totally get this idea, but it made me cringe.  I don’t want to get to a point where I decide to delete my posts.  If I’m gonna write about my life, I want to be all in.  Maybe I’ll evolve and become more specific with my topics, but I want the journey of this writing to always be available to me (and others) to see.  Maybe I’ll change my mind about whatever I write about and that’s okay.  This blog is a process for me of getting my thoughts and ideas out into the world as clearly as possible.  Also, since I keep feeling the urge to post, I want to honor that by simply writing and seeing where that journey goes.


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